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BRENDAN HALEY is Vice President of Content Partners, LLC. Mr. Haley has over 10 years of entertainment industry experience working in various finance and business development roles. His responsibilities at Content Partners include performing valuations for potential acquisitions, fulfilling financial reporting obligations to investors, and managing SEC compliance processes.

As an Analyst for Adams Media Research in Monterey, California, Mr. Haley developed an expertise in research and forecasting. His duties included writing for many of AMR's publications, including the monthly Hollywood aftermarket newsletter as well as market research reports such as "The Future of Video Rental: A Strategic Analysis."

In 2006, Mr. Haley moved to Los Angeles to join New Line Cinema in its business development group. His responsibilities included: modeling profit and loss reports for potential new productions, performing competitive research during greenlight analysis and implementing a competitive release database which tracked worldwide theatrical box office revenues, home video revenues and P&A spend.

Mr. Haley transitioned to Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution finance in 2008. Mr. Haley performed forecasting and deal analysis responsibilities, working alongside sales and business affairs executives on film and television deals to the cable and syndicated TV markets. During his tenure, the division made the record breaking syndication sale of “The Big Bang Theory”, which became the first off-network program to be sold into cable and broadcast syndication concurrently by any studio. Mr. Haley also worked alongside Warner Bros.' corporate business development and cable sales groups, valuing the Warner Bros. television and film library for exploitation in the digital marketplace, leading the way for the studio to make the first long-term television output deal with a digital distributor.

Mr. Haley earned his bachelor's degree from the University of California, Berkeley as well as an MBA from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business.

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